HostMath is a web-based editor for mathematical formulas. It uses WYSIWYG-style editing and allows creating mathematical equations through simple point-and-click techniques. You can send complex math expressions over email and IM, without requiring any special software.


  • Lets you easily embed LaTeX math in your own html pages, blogs, wikis, etc. It parses a LaTeX math expression immediately.
  • Many pre-defined templates and symbols in well-organized palettes that cover mathematics, physics, electronics, and many other higher educations.
  • Fine adjustment for template shapes, gaps, and thicknesses with visual interface.
  • Can generate equations as MathML. MathML will allow you to copy and paste math into many applications that understand MathML.
  • No plugins need to be installed in the browser to use the editor.
  • Multiple Undo and Redo.


Accepts standard LaTeX and Tex input with AMS extensions, and also support ASCIIMath input. To learn how to use LaTeX, see here.  To learn how to use AMS extensions, see here.  To learn how to use ASCIIMath, see here.


There are two types of equations:

Inline Equation - formulas are displayed in-line, that is, within the body of text where it is declared.

Paragraph Equation - displayed formulas are separate from the main text.